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What is real Charity

English: Charity Collection Point Collection p...

English: Charity Collection Point Collection 

We all have an idea of what is charity and charitable act, there is plenty of it around.

Could being grateful is the biggest charitable act that we can do

The essence of charity is for the servant
to recount the blessings of his Lord, and
to render thanks
unto Him at all times and under all conditions.

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In the spiritual world the divine bestowals are infinite, for in that realm there is neither separation nor disintegration, which characterize the world of material existence. Spiritual existence is absolute immortality, completeness and unchangeable being. Therefore, we must thank God that He has created for us both material blessings and spiritual bestowals. He has given us material gifts and spiritual graces, outer sight to view the lights of the sun and inner vision by which we may perceive the glory of God. He has designed the outer ear to enjoy the melodies of sound and the inner hearing wherewith we may hear the voice of our Creator.

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