Sydney & Gladys Barrett

Sydney and Gladys Barrett on their 50th wedding anniversary, 1986

Some men and women glory in their exalted thoughts, but if these thoughts never reach the plane of action they remain useless: the power of thought is dependent on its manifestation in deeds.

IT is seemly that the servant should, after each prayer, supplicate God to bestow mercy and forgiveness upon his parents. Thereupon God’s call will be raised: ‘Thousand upon thousand of what thou hast asked for thy parents shall be thy recompense!’ Blessed is he who remembereth his parents when communing with God. There is, verily, no God but Him, the Mighty, the Well-Beloved.Nawruz 2013 Mama

Armed with the power of Thy name nothing can ever hurt me, and with Thy love in my heart all the world’s afflictions can in no wise alarm me.


Archives Building, Haifa, Israel


in actionThe essence of faith is fewness of words and abundance of deeds; he whose words exceed his deeds, know verily his death is better than his life.

English: Charity Collection Point Collection p...

English: Charity Collection Point Collection 

We all have an idea of what is charity and charitable act, there is plenty of it around.

Could being grateful is the biggest charitable act that we can do

The essence of charity is for the servant
to recount the blessings of his Lord, and
to render thanks
unto Him at all times and under all conditions.

Thou art He Who changeth through His bidding abasement into glory, and weakness into strength, and powerlessness into might, and fear into calm, and doubt into certainty